At Silver Oak Drilling, we continue to make health, safety and environmental protection our highest priority. We are totally committed to an incident free operation and to provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible for our employees. The success of this business depends on the quality of the men and women we hire and the management’s ability to train new employees properly.

Silver Oak Drilling has maintained an industry leading safety record throughout our recent period of growth. We start by training all new employees, drug testing and onsite enforcement of safety practices. Senior management leads the safety effort with field visits, reviewing operating practices and zero tolerance for drug and alcohol usage. 

 Silver Oak Drilling is in partnership with New Mexico OSHA through their consultation program “Safe Site” and is striving to reach the superior level. Although it has been challenging at times, Silver Oak’s commitment to the program has been unwavering as we believe these efforts concerning safety are essential for reaching our goal of zero accidents.

 Silver Oak Drillings Senior management has shown its commitment to safety and the environmental protection in the refurbishment of equipment and the purchase of some “state-of-the-art” equipment such as water cooled air brakes, hydraulic catwalks and sealed connection for fluid lines. These efforts were not inexpensive but we believe will help further our goals of being the most efficient and safe operation in Southeast New Mexico.